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thanks to all the promoters who invited me to play my music and discover the beauty and the failures of this planet. i am sad i can not add all my travels and all the unique experiences here. i wish i could share more. i will keep all the memories in my heart and in a box and one day i will fill this up. knix agf

EMPAC! SUE-C + AGF: Infinite Jest lives both as an installation and as a live handmade film inspired by the complex and remarkable novel of the same name by the late author David Foster Wallace.
AGF @ Présences électronique 2012 Paris
Japan 2011. Lectures on voice and language in sound and calligraphy. Raster-Noton tour Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto. Beatnadel in Womb, Tokyo. Shibuya, Shibuya. Exhibition in Modern Museum of Art! Content: Finland - As We See
2010 Sweden, Uppsala, Volt Festival
No Exit. I did not go anywhere. I stayed and played with 3 other women spread over the planet in one browser. Annie Abrahams invited me to this spectacle.
2009 - The Lappetites Year , the new Opera project called Fathers, find personal reflections and thoughts here, picture: Ryoko in light behind screens, in scene 5
Dispatch 2009 was dedicated to music and visual art and had Vladislav Delay, my boyfriend as artist in residence, i accompanied him with our project AGF/Delay
Bari / Italy 2009. Livesoundtracks, THX1138 AGF adaption with the international dance group Resextensa.
Miles Travels - I edited a 23 min film for Sonar Kids 2009, with my little friend Miles, which I was traveling for years around in my pockets taking photos of him in my traveling environments, airports, planes, performance locations, backstage, sound checks, restaurants etc shooting photos and film in collaboration with my 3 year old partner lumi as well.
LEV Festival, visual impressive works, music, well, aphex twin teaching kids tolerance, alva noto plays noise into beats and mainstream, pfadfinder break into new dimensions of visual art in techno
24 hours Istanbul! places you always want to go can only disappoint you, especially if you have only 24 hours init, i loved the space and exhibition i was invited to play and agf/delay show alone, for personal reasons, i enjoyed see the city in a sweet short light
January 2009 i was invited to hold a lecture in Brescia, Academy of Art on Language and Sound and play a an audiovisual live show in the auditorium. meaning exploded
November 2008, I traveled to Lithuania and took part in a sound poetry Festival Tarp, performing 2 shows one in the cozy and very good sounding Satta Bar Vilnius and one a beautiful Gallary Space in Silaulei.
Torun 2008, AGF/DELAY show, in a huge auditorium, reverb-6-seconds-space, 3 beamer and full of attentive wonderful enthusiastic audience, we can not play beats but we bloom
Barcelona 2008, commissioned by Live Soundtracks a project by Anna Mastrolitto, I perform a live - created soundtrack along with the movie THX 1138 by George Lucas and Walter Murch. I incorporate the original Soundtrack and Words. Whats wrong ? Nevermind
We went off to play 2 AGF/DELAY shows with the new songs and material of the new record Symptom in Italy on 19th and 20th September in northern Italy with Pan Sonic and in a small town called Forli an almost private concert, Agata drove us through Italy and took the pictures.
Palma de Mallorca, Centre de Cultura "Sa Nostra" - a gallery space.
between sound and space speculation. AGF performs in ALEXA - a huge and unpretty outcome of civilisation. does your heart sing after purchasing a new jeans or a flat screen ? does your heart have a ringtone ? I only notice a deafening silence. Tuned City Festival 2008
agf went russia and took part in a sound activity for subversive futurist void. she shifts increasingly towards narrative-based directiont. the language of the piece was the language of the moscow streets to deconstruct the idealistic and romaticised notions of poetry and poets and russia
milan 24th may in 2008 i got invited to play a public overwhelming sized and filled with ancient paintings catholic church at midnight called SAN EUGISTINE. it was a breathtaking moment in my performance career to play this church where i had seen preachers in the afternoon talking to believers, i could barely play at all to a free entry audience mixed of nerds, street kids, the father himslef
An audio visual performance feat, latest works from WORDS ARE MISSING as well as earlier material in February 2008 Poznan / Poland.
the artists TRIO DE JEUNEIRO handed me over this framed picture after a show in cracow in poland in spring 2007. they had picked this line form my song [you stop] in gratitude agf
april 2007 i make my way to netherlands a medium sized town called eindhoven and play a sunday afternoon at the abbe museum along with the overwhelming one hour film dekalog by krzysztof kieslowski. press the picture to see to see an extract taken by the curators of stichting axes john thomas and mark dijkstra. thanks to them.
in february 2007 i traveled to tartu / estonia welcomed by nice people and minus 30 degrees. i played a show for 2 underwater turtles a few colorful birds/ lots of insects and 50 humans seated. i wanne thank kiwa / fabrice and evelyn for the amazing experience and listening to me
august 2006. interferenze. via italia. bambina piccolo. at seniorina colleta. we count the trees and play agf and vladislav delay show in the woods. also there zavoloka and deadbeat and sine wave orchestra and many more! beautiful mountains near napoly!
with ZAVOLOKA and TBA in lausanne. we play 2 nights in a row in a small smoky jazz club. a perfect trip with perfect music. perfect line up. perfect conditions for an artist to shine. and be appreciated. thank you robin michel
china report. me and the chinese dream. i always wanted to go. now i did. i live on a small island and watch the boats come in. during the day i ferry to hong kong. its the most impressive mix i ever witnessed in real in life. the impressions make me speechless. right now. a speechless poetess. what use is that.
january 2005. i am in USA. they got my fingerprints and iris. i am pissed. but NYC is a beautiful bitch. today. its steel blue and needle cold and light as ice. after sundance festival in park city in utah i am back in the crazy part of the world
collecting photographs of fans or friends of AGF LIVE performances. to keep them in memory and catch the light of all the places.
fortress. fortune. to perform in a beautiful designed and cared of festival in milano... burggraben. i play an ambient show with SUE.C
compound expierence.
the LAPPETITES. a girl group. first of all. AMAZING. its a new dimension. our first action was one week amsterdam at the STEIM studio in march 2003. recording 6 giga music... kaffe matthews. ryoco and me but we HAVE a fourth memba!
o2/2003 rotterdam DEAF festival.
with radian and felix kubin
my travels passing london and paris and more in january 2004. fans have been sending and drawing pictures i love a lot DANKE
americano. colours. far walkng distances.
09/2003 budapest ultrasound festival
IN budapeszt THE CHILLI is plenty
08/2003 stralsund garage. koch battle mit hobijn. arlette muschter. dr. simon waters. andreas broeckmann. AGF + thilges3 (nik hummer)
09/2003 geneva. the beauty with the fontane.
a pride of swans make us darker then blue.
i write a poem
argentina. may 2003. buenos aires. ole !
i STILL work on a buenos aires storie