here some documentation of the project No exit by Annie Abrahams, where i took part in performing beside 3 other artists ...screen shots, some links and impressions!

project page and info No Exit - original website
original audio recording
screen recording, big files
Pascale's Blog

even the sound recording is not that adorable, for me personally, with all the imperfection, this is a totally potential performance opportunity, very interesting

what struck me most, is the calm you hear in the sound
it sounds as we, the performers ARE at ease in a performance situation
so maybe that is not the goal of most genres in music
or why people watch other people in public represent their music,
like I guess in rock you want sweat and tears, and in r'nb you want shaking ass,
but i was thinking for an audio result or live improvisation pattern,
it could certainly with some training lead to very unique and unexpected results.