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COLLECTING RARE BERRIES. finding MYfile. exist slowly. softly like these trees. remixing pre-existent material. offering decent ideas. how a real person approaches real problems.

ARCHIVE HERE ENDS 2016 > new AGF tumblr


all works in chronological order here -> Antye Greie
Kon:3p>UTION to: e[VOL]ution is the 9th solo album of the artist and producer AGF da poetess!

structural illusion. the mathematics of emotions. sculptress of soundlings. my voice noise. rooster rhyme. greim love. ernst. network-mycelium. exec friendship crews. sonic wildness. club aesthetics without club. 544 reasons to live. adult-hollow-hood. the radical self. the internetness and our potential to become cyborgs. pitch, shape, colour & tone. sonic editing. between radigue - xenakis - influences of grime. the end of the CD object. wither-beauty. ink leftovers. silly poetess extravanganza. this is my process. thankfulness.

SALE: Kon;3p>UTION to; e[VOL]ution


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new #AGF music
if​*​true​~​time​[​x​]​1​+​2​=​you​.​\ release 2016

{composing} a wilderness performance

⢠take x amount of people to the field
⢠find an instrument or select landscape
⢠bring: acoustic and digital sound making devices sound objects, portable battery powered speakers, cameras, microphones, recorders
⢠listen, start to play
⢠listen to the landscape and the non-human and to each other
⢠donât stress it, let it happen
⢠it ends when it ends

See full report: Sonic [wild] Code - Hybrid Matters

female:pressure #Rojava is launching an awareness and solidarity campaign for the cantons of Rojava, where women participate on all levels of decision making and building a new society from scratch, with built-in social, racial and ethnic justice, religious freedom, ecological principles and gender equality.

LISTEN: Music, awareness & solidarity #Rojava revolution


some of us [lone wolfs]
dissect methodically
[our] collective chaotic memories

movement in nothingness
like luminescent particles
invisible but reflective

hold together
[by] mycelial networks
the underground web

my first poetry book at paranoia; publishing includes 30 poems I have been sending via my poem-newsletter to subscribers and are random translated into 5 languages - in real poem producer fashion - preview & BUY POEMPRODUCER BOOK on Bandcamp

A Deep Mysterious Tone by AGF feat. Tujiko Noriko, Kyoka, Yu Kawabata, Ryoko Akama and Misumi Mizumi - 3rd installment of poetry interpretations dedicated to Japenese language, poetry, women, history of feminism and beauty. ---> NEW VIDEO #newwoman

ORDER 'ADMT' on Bandcamp

VIDEO: Complicity feat. Misumi Mizuki & Eija Ranta
music, visuals, video and production by AGF -
movement by Eija Ranta - poem & voice by Misumi Mizuki

I made a blog: V I S I B I L I T Y
This blog is about technology, activism and visibility for all women in media tech, music producers, sound engineers, DJs, radio workers, sound artists, media artist.
V I S I B I L I T Y - female:pressure

New show with the Lappetites: Borderless
premiered @Sound Of Stockholm, developed during EMS residency LAPPETITES BLOG

Video for "On My Way Home Yesterday" feat. Kaamos from Source Voice

Beatnadel (beat needle) is a piercing sonic outburst of razor-edged beats and vocal art. Digital songwriting with beat structures and penetrating sound sculptures. Surprise narrative and breathtaking precision in editing and sculpturing the sound. Deconstructed poetry, aggressive beat patterns, drone parts, full frequency spectrum. Beatnadel Video
Gedichterbe is a project by AGF that investigates German poetry and the heritage of German language within electronic music and society. Starting with the first known female German poet Frau Ava (11th century) till today's "wunderkind" poetess Ann Cotten (born 1982), poets are chosen from the romantic period of the 18th century via Jewish poets during 20th century till poets from both Germany's after WW II.
Hai Art ... we just made another song...
A-symmetry: I Am Life
new collaboration coming in with Natalie Beridze aka TBA

life 1
twin life 4
life 5
i AM life 10
11 lives
life 12 mix
lifeline 2
life lie 8
Seven lives
life 6
NEIN life

Orlando CD- Score released in February 2011. Field recordings and recordings of classical Cello, voice and digital processing are the key elements of this work. "the music is lush, clever and beautiful, the combination of Armstrong's melodic and cultural strength, and Greie's delicately voiced electronic inventiveness working like a dream." By Joyce McMillan, Scotsman
Buy Orlando CD
Conversations between Antye Greie (AGF) and Annie Abrahams. A series of conversations were streamed via web interface. Satz 1,2,3,4 watch background information and original site.

Dubspot Video Feature Artist Profile w/ AGF â Sampling the Human Voice, Sound Design + live setup as well as gave some insight into her creative philosophy

wilderness performances fascinate me, I had a chance to work in UK/ Lake District with Octopus and Grizdale Arts. A work in progress, find some audio and video footage here: Wildnis Konzerte
New videos for Ausweg!
Ausweg @poemproducer

Stadtschnee: bewegungen 2 stadtschnee by Huber
Ausweg: Ausweg (video) by Greie

I am drilling. drilling an ocean for you. drilling, Huh ? I am recording this for you. Drilling, I am killing emotions for you. I am drilling a whole in your heart!
Orlando - it is orlando which is scampering and moping in my thoughts, all ends in death, all ends in death Orlando - The Play
New AGF Release Source Voice on LINE Label
Listen Voice Count

This project is part of SIAF 2014. The Sound Poem Sapporo is a site-specific interactive composition and it requires smart phones (iOS, Android) and the users presence in the Chi-Ka-Ho tunnel. SOUND POEM SAPPORO consists of field recordings of the Sapporo city and the rural Ainu Museum Porotokotan which AGF visted and phonographed in March 2014.

a series of conversations streamed via web interface, we talked about wind, pixels, law, mothers,
key frame, snow, philosophies, fruits, thinking and islands, humans and words, nuts, recording quality, law,
patriotism, love, ocean space, sound rate, communism, dancing, languages and salad, future.

Greie und Huber worked on this piano based album where lyrical content is largely abstract and evolves around philosophical distance and observation of humanity. Ausweg @poemproducer

Greie & Huber: Ausweg!
new/ neue / neu LAUB archive. all titles up ! wir machen einfach weiter, wir machen einfach weiter, wir machen einfach weiter, wir machen einfach weiter LAUB
'Pianos' was written 2001 and released on Clicks 'n Cuts 3 by Mille Plateaux. Students from California made an animation of it in 2010 which was viewed 37k times. So many people listened my song! I have nothing on the visuals. BUT it has to be archived! Strange rapping but all became true. Everybody has Pianos now!
The Wire hosts a weekly radio show on the London arts/community station Resonance 104.4 FM every day Thursday between 9-10:30pm. Listen to AGF's WIRE MIX 2010! [41mb]
Gedichterbe - german poetry digger. poetry and music. AGF 2011 update. herstory in the making. sound poetry. Gedichtvertonungen. dekonstruiertes Dichtererbe. deconstructed poems.
proud to be part of this project: Angry Women
AGF with raster-noton - presentation @ ICC

Series: New 'Future' Vol. 4 About Future â Designing Future
Live Visualization for Vladislav Delay Kuopio
Implementing complexity: Hai Art
RyJ (new AGF/Delay Coop) - Pickle Juice Mix
RYJ - Mashup of "The Wire" season 4
Kuuntele, poemproducer AGF interprets the poetry of her new homeland Finland. features also Finnish artists Lau Nau, Islaja, Matti P. and Juha Rautio. languages English and Finnish.Listen Kuuntele

Live visuals for VLADISLAV DELAY by poemproducer AGF: macro-insights, extreme pigmentation, water motion, distortion of the natural, delicate, speed, contorted visuals for DELAY/RIPATTI

Popmatters on Beatnadel: Itâs a smart, insanely cool study in dimensionality that out-Autechres Autechre and puts a legion of dime-a-dozen drum ânâ bass artists in their place... Instead, by its own cuckoo logic, it makes sense â orderly in its disorderliness. Admiring how masterful Greie is at her craft can be just as giddily enjoyable as swimming in the sounds she creates and trying to follow the various patterns as they feint and twist around in serpentine fashion.
stranger X
short video clip
whisper version
Interview @mythologicalquarter: Artist Parents: Antye Greie-Ripatti
Chris Petit's richly complex film essay Content displays thoughts on new technology of a poetic/philosophical nature. Sound track by AGF.
baustelle an alle: schattenspender, citybuilder, betongiesser, shadow-provider, stadtbauer, sea-driller, concrete-pourer, meerbohrer Greie Gut Fraktion

In the Field: The Art of Field Recording by Cathy Lane & Angus Carlyle: This is a collection of interviews with contemporary sound artists who use field recording in their work. Recurring themes include early motivations, aesthetic preferences, the audible presence of the recordist and the nature of the field. AGF "Field" interview here in .pdf
i have been reading a lot about ancient methods of writing and creating- a very solitary act. this music I encourage to search for lone warriors Einzelkaempfer Album 2009
... her poetry and post-techno explorations as AGF, and it's explicit in her online audio poem, Reflections on the Wall, an oral history specked with shocks of mechanical noise and fragmented vocals. She spoke to XLR8R about the emotional walls she still climbs. Reflections on the Wall
Filter - AGF Producktion Reissues 2010 ........
escape with me again!
German interview on "modernes Eremitentum".
FROM MORNING ON: a radio program proposal for "Nachtmix" Bayrischer Rundfunk BR2 by AGF made off performances in solitude. moving and other images, dedications and a beginning.
reflections on the wall - a personal retrospective
about raising heart beat. splitterleben, somebody screaming: being frozen and the salt - about becoming a feather
downtown snow makes us slow, walking in sound, demons in white, out of site, slippery ground, a few strong limits built on ice, we keep tiny chilled devils asleep
dancing in space, 3 direction movement, body body body bending, electronic dada, interrelation of skin and dimensions, drowning in sound and light, performance!

producing dragons, with ink and paper, taking over my life. fly through space and disappear. Dance Floor Drachen exhibited in the Soundmuseum Gallery meanwhile first commentary arriving and appreciated: Review on Cokemachineglow.com, Review at Cyclicdefrost.com, Rezension auf Musikzimmer
body body body body body and work dripping from me. creation test for AGF, original written song for a beautiful blog. The process and intention of creation can not be absolutely defined and isn't that beautiful?

I write a melody, a song.
The dragons are working, they fly, inside many things. What if they materialize and you would raise your head and see them circulating, right there, thin, black and vulnerable. Do you open the window and give them food, what the hell do they eat ? Your time ? listen to Dance Floor Drachen
Saaren - exhibition on islands, underwater, boats, cows and a light house
STAY A MOMENT! the artist duo Erdbeerfeld invited AGF to write into their project gallery in Auguststrasse in Berlin, while writing sound was recorded and emerged into a room sound installation stay a moment
between sound and space speculation. AGF performs in ALEXA - a huge and unpretty outcome of civilisation. does your heart sing after purchasing a new jeans or a flat screen ? does your heart have a ringtone ? I only notice a deafening silence. Tuned City - activities in that regard: AGF performs in Alexa
AGF is participating: The 60th anniversary of musique concrète and the pioneering work of Pierre Schaeffer by commission 60º by Mathew Adkins. Essential to the project is the involvement and the contribution of sound materials by over 60 of the worldâs leading electronic composers and sound artists.
gravitaton. umwandlung. spruehregen. ackerbau. sweet dreams. staubsound. feurige perlmutfalter. noctuidae. glasmurmeln. nester. erdbeertelefon. progress. zahlen: "Heldenprozesse"
january 2008 in berlin. i worked with ELLEN ALLIEN on her solo record SOOL. released in may 2008... its the closest i came to techno. expect a strong bit of AGF in it
.pdf -->

...i write you a poem...
In 2006, Craig Armstrong asked me to collaborate on a Project called: Memory takes my Hand. We worked in the Berlin studio....
lets go! we make our own movies. mini movies. i still would like to have you next to me. my closest sane friend. what are we looking for ? entertainment for the rich. or the ones who preserve time ? the ones who see the world with the same eyes. made by mad professors. or logic. max. msp and jitter ? made out of pixel blood. rest with us

a variation of beats and vocal snippets seen as identical and not similar as structure of plants and nature. repeating of otherness and repeating of difference. irregular but repetitive patterns tik tak at xxx beat per minute. the structure of the pieces are woody, spicy, discontinuous, recurrent, flavor, like: grain, sappiness, chime, species, extraction and vitality.

Sue Costabile interviewes AGF in beginning of 2006 for cycling74 about max/msp and software. with respect to the tools - i still love my patch. agf

AGF participated in a project initiated by ryuichi sakamoto. it is a piece of music which is handed form artist to artist to submit a composition as long as the iraq-war is on and continuing. please have a look at the site by clicking the image
a ZAVOLOKA & AGF video on uTUBE made by the ukrainian artist IRYNA MIROSHNIKOVA. the track is a remix by ZAVOLOKA from the album
NATURE NEVER PRODUCES THE SAME BEAT TWICE. the song is about a plant which intrigues people to kiss. support if you can BUY AGFs

here a quicktime of a LIVE performance by AG.F&SueC. on November 3, 2006 in BROWN UNIVERSITY, USA

click the PIC to see AGFs 99 hidden poems of a female stranger in the 21st century in japan. hiding process in autumn 2005
the poetess is making poems on small walls and canvas and card board. studying MU FI and FU SHANS WORLD of beautiful letters and magic signs. skip the pics !

interview in chinese. when i visited hong kong in october 2005. i played a small show with approx 30 fans and interested. somebody made this interview with me.
AGF PRODUCKTION is a tool by AGF to release her music fast and best possible first release is a vinyl maxi called GAZON GASOLINA by QUIO second a REedition of WESTERNIZATION COMPLETED by AGF formerly released and now co-produced by ORTHLORNG MUSORK

EXPLODE BABY. exhibition OVER in rotterdam . soundinstallation and 50 meter poems in 20 hour poem producing marathon. more photos

a swedish team made a beautiful film feature about my work and background. knix. if you have 20 minutes time. click this picture and then check the right frame SE PROGRAMMAT klick this and you can choose. its a real player format. enjoy

ein heller lichtkegel. reisst mich aus dem. totenstill.
mit beiden kralle ich mich mich zurueck. ungeduldig

the videoclip for the agf track POEMPRODUCER is
a work of a young artist called LARS NAGLER from weimar. click the image you download the video. we produced a beautiful handmade limited edition. here you can buy the video
BOX?21. originally designed for GARAGE 2004. to fill the room with life ? attitude ??? among other topics .the situation in our hearts

i am glad to announce that vladislav delay and me made a record together ! find our website with lots of details about it when you click on the picture. the record is called EXPLODE and released on AGF PRODUCKTION my own agf label. knix

WESTERNIZATION COMPLETED the artwork and lyrics. content used in music and text. interlinking images with words. dreams with reality. business with idealism. care with egoism.
canadian 1 hour radio interview with AGF. the show is called BRAVE NEW WAVES is dedicated to new underground music. questions by PATTI SMITH.

EDIT: wiki.pl?ThoughtsOnWesternization PLEASE participate. send and write your thoughts. pictures. on westernization to us. sue costabile is creating a movie on WESTERNIZATION.
ultrahang fest 2003 budapest ! if you are going to download all sets. you will need 1.5 GB of disc space. and my movie stopped. while performing. when i was singing YOU STOP - an error of moment ! beautiful

uli dziallas is an amazing fashion designere and a longterm collaborator. we started 1996 when the first laub record came out ... she casted me for her first fashion show. since then i have been modelling and writing poems for her line.
many amazing pictures came out... a few here to see
painting by robert knoke. agf is impressed.

it was dark already when i set down by the lake. which is closed to my parents place. its a quarry pond and the water is usually warm. when i heard somebody say: (excerpt audiolab)

america. fingerprints. fear. weather. choices. beach. oranges. drugstors. apple. alternatives. business. agf on her 3rd tour in america. click the picture

the process of making the artwork. i wanted to represent the people i work with and exchange. mainly an ukrain painter living in london. fashion designer from berlin and designer kim west from san fransisco who realized and fit all my visual concepts and ideas together.
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="leonardo, art, science, technology, biology, mathematics, gallery, education, video, telecommunications, installations, international, multimedia, design, kinetic, robotics, fractals, artificial life, computer graphics, aesthetics, copyright, photography, digital art, internet">
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.motion sound. delay on my pillow. there is sound-within-sound. birds song lyrics and. its about to find the artistic match and the struggle to find it in an only truly human element. original recordings made in tunesia 2001
THE ALLEGORICAL POWER MP3 SERIES: VOLUME II, JULY 2003. i composed a track for the NEW YORK label ANTIOPIC for their ongoing series of freely downloadable audio meant to address the possibilities of abstract or experimental music as social and political critique, and offer a forum for sound artists to question and protest.
tonscherben. palast der republik. metal skeleton. no democrazy. 1250° celsius. if you ever want to look at somebodies soul. you have to ask for their dreams. 14 nelken aka pinks for karl marx

walking towards sound. or explore the freedom to exist slow. living only for the moment. weather beaten. click the picture

click the picture for latest reviews. features. press and a heavy agf interview collection. NATURE never produces the same thing twice.

this is a video by SUE COSTABILE and the musorkians to the track READ ME the movie is called FILM ME
with the lappetites. and eliane radique in paris january 2004. eliane is a pioneer electronic composer since the 50ies and we adore her

movie by ANNA WAGNER to minimal tunesia. it was awarded for the best music video category in oberhausen filmfestival in 2003