Miles Travels - I edited a 23 min film for Sonar Kids, with my little friend Miles, which i was traveling for years around in my pockets taking photos of him in my traveling environments, airports, planes, performance locations, backstage, sound checks, restaurants etc shooting photos and film in collaboration with my 3 year old daughter as well.

I was going to bring the figurine on stage at Sonar Kids, but a week before the event Miles disappeared during a dramatic beach sequence at the Spanish Atlantic into the waves and the ocean teared him away from me, us. I searched for 1 hour to find him back and we did not. Where did he go ?

I had to rewrite the film and made Miles find a new world underwater. after entering a tunnel

I encountered an interesting phenomen, while editing the music to the film, i used my most positive tracks and light ones i thought of, and the whole movie still seemed so melancholic and sad, luckily lumi was singing on top of it over the span of the movie, so we had a child improvising on a melancholic sound track, which i thought was interesting.

Nevertheless I am planning to rewrite music for the film and will upload here one day.

Here one interview after Sonar 2009
Traveling Around Music Interview

Sonar Kids 2009 Performance Exerpt