When I heard I was invited to play a church in Milan during the AUDIOVISIVA festival I was first disappointed to not be able to show my recent calligraphy works in an audio-visual situation, and I thought, well churches, I played some before, I was not prepared for that. when I arrived at the church in the afternoon of the event, I bumped into a very traditional Italian catholic wedding with a huge family and I was stunned but shortly later participating in a catholic mass with organ and choir and a homily, words were missing, i thought: I WILL PLAY HERE TONIGHT ? it took my breath, the overwhelming size, sound and beauty of the church and the meditating grannies around, made me appreciate this event in a total different way I can not express so far. Standing up there at midnight and sing my poetry, throw deconstructed techno beats into this ancient filled with humans space as a female artist, gave the whole a feminist and wider dimension. I want to thank the curators and promoters for helping me to achieve that situation. best agf

short quicktime .mov edited by the festival AUDIOVISIVA

AGF at Basilica di S. Eustorgio

this photos are shot by simona silvestri