a work by agf and vladislav delay

we hide 21 views in black boxes
place them in a white empty room
and let them unpack
over the span of the GARAGE festival 2004

to fill the room with life ? attitude ???
among other topics .the situation in our hearts

the boxes are dealing with
. artistic perspectives
both historic and contemporary
all demonstrate the creative energy
and the intellectual and emotional
potential of contemporary life

authentic and honest portrait of
an open dialogue between
black and white
a cube and little boxes and
a group of humans look after them
while the artists are absent

definition of white space
commercialised and overloaded with advertisements
and black boxes redefined priorities
where the citizens can discuss
issues without state's interference
only if there is free speech and freedom of expression

media claims having the role of bringing out
an alternative discourse democracy and civic values.
question?: exhibition halls. work studios. stages . movie screening.
projectors. TVs. computers.

all these depending on use

the phenomenon of cultural activism
and artistic practices. complex collaboration

the curator opens the first box
the 1st day the garage festival opens
and further instructions he will find in there

a version of the the 21 compositions
will be released in january 2005 as AGF/DELAY