Down By The Lake was exhibited in Paris at Cité de la Musique in January 2004

The piece originally published on Audiolab 2CD

audiolab 2 !

audiolab 2 at the centre georges pompidou museum of modern art. from the 1st of april to the 30th of september 2003. featuring audio pieces by AGF. cameron jaimie. doug aitken & steve roden.

down by the lake

it was dark already
when i sat down by the lake.
which is closed to my parents place
its a quarry pond and the water is usually warm.

when i heard somebody say: the world has changed.
i turn around and kind of make sure:
the circumstances. and if i should be in fear.

are you going to rob or protect me ? i check straight
the man gives back a grin. in the break
girl are you sitting here in good or bad ?
i say: i'm chilling

does someone hold a gun to your head or not?
power can be anything.

and i appreciate
an intelligent conversation.
here in this end of the nowhere
and ask where do you live ?

not so far from here but far enough.
the most protective place on earth
the most crowded place - i live in the city center.

mh: so we are coming from the same root.
i inform him and he doesn't seem surprised at all
that we meet here in this odd nature in an odd hour

why did u come here in this solitude. he wants to know

i enjoy jumping from this stone over there. can you see ?
i m coming once a while to test if i am still brave enough
to jump u know.

makes sense ! but you know my wife she died many years ago. she wasn't brave enough.

i ask did she die by nature or by human mistake.
on a more human level. he sighs. death by hanging. she had lost hope.

i try to think after listening and not to just react
out of presets.

but after a while i choose my words carefully.
what did she hope ? i wonder ?

she hoped that she could forget.

what did she want to forget ???

he turns around and looks straight in my face.
whats the most violence. you can imagine.

i answer: war. rape. hurt the weaken. in this row.
he nods on top of it.

fuck. 'how should we live'
out of the old forms plus the entire planet

make it better.

in contemporary civilization a
human is automatically understood
as an intellectual being. but its not.
its an irregular structure. our character awaits death.

i think its defense

i am writing this in the silence

people who are dead do not >deserve< anything.
dead people are just dead people.

i offer a cigarette and the man inhales surprisingly calm

so i am still thinking:
can i be both a vocalist and a politician.
am i wrong ?