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poemproducer AGF identified: as a poet. musician. writer. producer. curator: re-ordering the left overs of e-poetry. a work in progress.

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Hai Art Inclusion of complexity
niemand ruft noch deinen namen LAUB

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{composing} a wilderness performance

• take x amount of people to the field
• find an instrument or select landscape
• bring: acoustic and digital sound making devices sound objects, portable battery powered speakers, cameras, microphones, recorders
• listen, start to play
• listen to the landscape and the non-human and to each other
• don’t stress it, let it happen
• it ends when it ends

See full report: Sonic [wild] Code - Hybrid Matters

some of us [lone wolfs]
dissect methodically
[our] collective chaotic memories

movement in nothingness
like luminescent particles
invisible but reflective

hold together
[by] mycelial networks
the underground web

my first poetry book at paranoia; publishing includes 30 poems I have been sending via my poem-newsletter to subscribers and are random translated into 5 languages - in real poem producer fashion - preview & BUY POEMPRODUCER BOOK on Bandcamp

A Deep Mysterious Tone by AGF feat. Tujiko Noriko, Kyoka, Yu Kawabata, Ryoko Akama and Misumi Mizumi - 3rd installment of poetry interpretations dedicated to Japenese language, poetry, women, history of feminism and beauty. ---> NEW VIDEO #newwoman

ORDER 'ADMT' on Bandcamp

VIDEO: Complicity feat. Misumi Mizuki & Eija Ranta
music, visuals, video and production by AGF -
movement by Eija Ranta - poem & voice by Misumi Mizuki

I made a blog: V I S I B I L I T Y
This blog is about technology, activism and visibility for all women in media tech, music producers, sound engineers, DJs, radio workers, sound artists, media artist.
V I S I B I L I T Y - female:pressure

New show with the Lappetites: Borderless
premiered @Sound Of Stockholm, developed during EMS residency LAPPETITES BLOG

A-symmetry: I Am Life
new collaboration coming in with Natalie Beridze aka TBA

life 1
twin life 4
life 5
i AM life 10
11 lives
life 12 mix
lifeline 2
life lie 8
Seven lives
life 6
NEIN life