agf .westernization completed.

photo by uli dziallas. text exerpt by ulyana gumeniuk. graphic design by kim west

i see evolution occurring on every level of existence. in a total flow. surving. we have choices. for behavior to control pipe dream. most fears we have. i dont want them. I wanna know about how real people approach real problems. like cooking. collecting rare berries remixing pre-existent material where the author took a wrong turn a shiny theory we take for granted in everyday life. grasshoppers in a cloud desperated and hungry beings. recognized all over calling everyone a fascist. a word has been so whored out t offering decent. intelligent ideas. indifference this thing (network) is going to change everything. And I still believe that, totally. I remain a believer.

lets look harder lets open our eyes more lets open our nights more

writing after the electronic age.someone arguably human. its hard to have room in your war a scorpion kills in 8 seconds