Music is free! Floating in space

AGFs 5th solo album is a digital release in the format of a web application considering the value of music in the year 2008. It is an open call asking listeners to show personal appreciation for the music they experienced. Each download contains a visible counter.

For this record AGF experiments with voice recordings over simple beats, has implemented some forgotten ideas and has re-recorded pieces of her previous works.

Drachen is german for dragon - a legendary creature, a reptilian monster, possessing magical or spiritual qualities.

1. IF YOU key message of the album spoken by AGF on technoid 135 bpm
2. CONSIDER a one-shot composition with 6 samples in RADIAL , the lyrics gave the album the name
3. THAN RECONSIDER a song AGF wrote for LUOMO in 2001, it was never released
4. RIPPING THIS TRACK made of samples from a fight scene in a Hollywood movie which can not be revealed
5. FOR FREE edited field recordings of 9th avenue/ 14th street in NY / USA in March 2008 while child is sleeping
6. YOU MIGHT a remix of STILL KILL originally written for a movie by SUE.C
7. SLOWLY a remake of the song TUNESIA originally co-written by VLADISLAV DELAY
8. TURN IMPOTENT deeper layers of the body
9. (cause) THIS IS this is this is this is a crazy vocal recording on 130 bpm
10. REDUCED BEAUTY a remake of the ballad YOU STOP from the 2004 WESTERNIZATION COMPLETED album
11. FROM A NAZI STALINIST SUCCESSOR the poem-producer-technic resulting in abstract narritive

IF IF IF IF IF music is free, dear Frauenhofer Institute, please develope something funky like this for humans too!

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