westernization completed



the album was originally released in november 2003 on ORTHLORNG MUSORK its now licenced to AGFPRODUCKTION and got repressed and re-issued in a simpler version in june 2004. the book is sold out

the album won the AWARD OF DISTINCTION at ARS ELECTRONICA 2004 in the category DIGITAL MUSIC http://www.aec.at/en/prix/awards2004.asp

<italic>Language is the most.</italic>

Reordering the leftovers of e-poetry, AGF makes a break from both her native German toungue and abstract vocal content to explore new relationships between language and song. Drawing on a wide variety of inspirations, including fashion design, painting, cinematography and electronic correspondence, "Westernization Completed" is an expression of things happened. Layered exchanges between friends, memories, conflict.

<italic>Let's go. We make our own movies.</italic>

Expanding upon the intimacy characteristic of her first solo release, "Head Slash Bauch" (Orthlorng Musork, January 2002), AGF exploits the editing process to weave together an intricate and compelling narrative about her life and her relationship with the world around her. A fabric of connections, coincidence, and collaboration, "Westernization Completed" includes the painting of Ulyana Gumeniuk, the fashion design of Uli Dziallas, and the graphic design of Kim West inside the detailed book that wraps the CD.

<italic>Talking to a very close friend you suddenly realize you can make the movie you always wanted to see.</italic>

In addition to her solo AGF projects on Orthlorng Musork, Antye Greie has received critical acclaim for her work with Laub, Craig Armstrong, and Vladislav Delay (Luomo and agf/dlay) on labels such as Kitty Yo and Mille Plateaux.

BIO: AGF aka antye greie:

musician. producer. author. artist living in berlin.
born and raised in east germany, AGF -- AKA antye greie -- has been active as a musician since 1990. playing in the german band LAUB as well as performing solo. agf mutated into an artistic exploration of technology and expression on her 2001 release HEAD SLASH BAUCH (orthlorng musork 2000). in which greie translated fragments of HTML script and software manuals into a choppy deconstructed pop format. greie was an artist in residence at PODEWIL. at the berlin contemporary center (in 2001) and composed the soundinstallation BERLIN KLANG at the berlin exhibition at SONAR 2000.



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