so this is the return of us and this is what we do
wondering what can one do - we function
filled with helplessness to act appropriate !
for acting might help: WUWEI is the life-style of one who follows the tao
and must be understood primarily as a form of intelligence
- that is of knowing the principles structures and trends
of human and natural affairs so well
that one uses the least amount of energy in dealing with them - google for it!
wuwei - but unfortunatly humans are weak and asleep
the delusions are major devices we try to be quiet and watchful
learning to listen to both our own inner voices and to the voices of our environment
in a non-interfering unjudging and receptive manner
love distribution - is it a freedom humans have ? love is not restrictable
giving is for free who distributes love ? where love is most distributed ?
what is loved most in an unconditional way ?
is it cars or ? female asses or children ?
the sun (she doesnt know it) ? mama (she deserves it) ?
power ? fresh water ? salt (the old fairytale needs an update)
the work is done and then forgotten. and so it lasts forever
everyday news - entering borders might cost you fingerprints
and your eyes to be looped and quantized
just for the record to save and databank you
unfortunatly it often requires a mjor disaster to mobilize
the political will to take needed action
the reality is that terrorists can attack
anything anywhere any time while we cannot protect everything
security tends to be reactive
we dont care what flag we are traveling under
agf/delay thank everybody who believes in us we belive back