this record is dedicated to nature
the clean lakes and wide land of simplicity and reduced consuming terror.
the world beside us
even though we dedicate and participate ourselves on the cycle of production craze
the over-production of goods and functioning
for per capital based society just overwhelmes and pressures us sometimes
we decided to make this record
while we spent the summer 2004 in north finland
in a place of solitude and silence
where one can hear see and feel more
far away from civilization and contemporary struggles
of urban environments and even standards like running water and electricity
we calmed down
the distance to all the things which keep us busy
stress us and dominate our life
was helpful to bring in the strenghth of observation and understanding
the compositions are inspired by books movies travelling
and also by daily news and concepts of current global politics
the material was finally recorded in autumn 2004 in berlin
we wanted to recreate an organic and natural feeling for the album
where there is more human touch in command instead of a machine
we abandoned the concept of perfect software timing
and sequenced looping which makes current music predictable and safe
safety we yearn for ? we wanted to give room for human errors and surprises
dirty drums and humble words